Jersey Red Ensign

Jersey Defaced Red Ensign

On 23 June 2010, the States Assembly unanimously approved the use of the Jersey Defaced Red Ensign by all ships registered at Ports of Jersey. The design has also received the approval of Her Majesty the Queen.​​

Flying the Jersey Red Ensign

The Jersey Red Ensign may be flown on board all Jersey registered vessels, up to 400 tons, that are:

  • registered as ‘full’ (Part 1) under the Shipping (Jersey) Law 2002; or
  • registered on the Small Ships Register (SSR) under the Shipping (Jersey) Law 2002

The use is entirely optional, with the plain red ensign still applicable according to an owner’s wishes.

Owners of local un-registered craft must register their vessel before hoisting the ensign.

Purchase may be made from local Jersey chandlers or, for overseas owners, online from various reputable websites. Proof of registration may be requested.

For further information, contact the British Register of Ships in Jersey.