Customs and duty free

Duty free allowances

The Government of Jersey’s website has information about personal duty free allowances for alcohol, tobacco and other goods when arriving in Jersey (including the alternative allowance).

Duty free allowances

Imports and exports

Moving or shipping goods to Jersey

Information about what is required to move or ship goods to Jersey, including restricted goods, live animals and duty charges, is available on the Government of Jersey website.

Imports and exports

Duties and taxes on imported goods

You can find out what taxes you have to pay when you import goods into Jersey, including GST, excise duty and customs duty, on the Government of Jersey website.

Excise duty rates

Disclosing cash when travelling

If you are arriving into or leaving Jersey, a Jersey Customs and Immigration Service officer may request that you disclose any amount of cash that you are carrying. Cash can include travellers’ cheques, cheques, promissory notes, money orders and coins.

Plant and produce movements

Jersey is subject to two key international agreements banning the introduction and movement of specific harmful organisms, plants and produce from specified origins. Imported plants and produce will need to be inspected.