General directions

 Details of the general directions (GD) currently in force can be downloaded from the links below.

 GD01 | Harbours (Inshore Safety) (Jersey) Regulation

GD02 | Speed limits 

GD03 | Diving and swimming

GD04 | Fishing gear

GD05 | Aquaculture

GD06 | St Helier VTS

GD07 | St Helier traffic signal lights

GD08 | Harbour limits 2018 Revision.pdf

GD09 | Reporting navigational incidents, safety concerns and near misses 

GD10 | The Provision and Management of Moorings within St Helier and Outlying Harbours

GD11 | Fishing gear causing an obstruction or danger 

GD12 | Control of parking speed restrictions

GD13 | Restricted Visibility Procedure – St Helier Harbour and Approaches

GD14 | Navigation in approach channels

GD15 | Maritime sanctions; – Restriction of access to Jersey Ports and anchorages by Russian vessels (01032022)