Reports and documents


Just Mine Incident report Nov 20

Consultation Paper on the change of Light Range – Grosnez Point Lighthouse December 2020

Njord Forseti Incident report April 2020

Blue Pearl Report – Loss of a fishing vessel following grounding

Granville Allison Incident Report – Nov 18

Independent risk assessment report into St Helier seaplane operation

Jersey Coastguard and VTS Annual Report 2019 v2

Marico PMSC Audit – Final Report Ports Of Jersey Nov 2018

Navigation Risk Assessment – Navigating within 20nm of Corbiere

P6T2 Collision and Sinking Report – Nov 18

Ports of Jersey Marine Safety Plan 2021-2023

The executive summary – outlying harbour cranes

The Independent Condor Liberation Report

The report into removal of Crane 13

Trinity House Inspection & Audit of Aids to Navigation 2018