Law and regulations

​The following links for laws and regulations which govern the Port of Jersey are taken from Jersey legal information board’s website.

Harbours (Administration) (Jersey) Law 1961 – revised 1 Jan 2017

​Harbours (Inshore Safety) (Jersey) Regulations 2012

Pilotage (Jersey) Law 2009 – revised 1 January 2017

Harbours (Jersey) Regulations, 1962 – revised 1 Jan 2017

Shipping (Jersey) Law 2002

Shipping (MARPOL) (Jersey) Law 2002 – revised 1 January 2013

Unserviceable or abandoned vessels and obstructions

Following completion of the process authorised under ‘Regulation 2 of the Harbours (Jersey) Regulations 1962’, the Harbour Master has agreed that unserviceable or abandoned vessels and obstructions left in our harbours and marinas can be offered to the public with bids to purchase or dismantle these vessels.