​Permits are issued or agreements entered into through “Designations” under Regulation 6 of the Harbours (Jersey) Regulations 1962 for Provision of Services.

Jersey Harbours may enter into an agreement with Associations as a means of strengthening and formalising the day-to-day management of a number of the Outlying Harbours, Offshore Reefs and other facilities by local Boat Owners’ or Residents’ Associations.


Current agreed designations of facilities or services are listed below.

New agreements will continue to be negotiated with associations and added as required.


Harbour Authority Designation Regulation 6 Storage Sites
  Harbour Authority Designation Victoria Pier
Allocation and Agreements of Commercial Fishing Vessel Berths
Pier facilities fee and conditions of use at Bouley Bay
Memorandum of Understanding for Jersey Harbours and the Ecrehous Residents Association
Designation of facilities at St Catherine Breakwater
Line-Handling and Mooring Assistance to Commercial Vessels
 Harbour Authority Designation Regulation 6 Storage Sites