Full registration with the British Register of Ships in Jersey

Registration with the British Register of Ships in Jersey

Full registration in Jersey provides many benefits, including membership of the Red Ensign Group and a registry with over 200 years of history.

Full registration proves the title, ownership and nationality of a vessel worldwide. A mortgage may be entered on the register, which protects a lender’s interest.

Why register on the full register

The benefits include:

  • membership of the Red Ensign Group (REG)
  • regulated by the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency
  • linked with Jersey’s well-regulated offshore finance centre
  • VAT-free temporary importation into EU for non-EU residents
  • renewal every 10 years with no annual charge
  • commercial coding recognition (available from an authorised commercial coding surveyor)
  • social security insurance exemptions

More information about the benefits of registration in Jersey

Check if your vessel is eligible

Your vessel is eligible if:

  • you or your company are part of the Commonwealth, EEA, British Isles, Crown Dependencies or Overseas Territories
  • your vessel is under 400 gross tons

You do not need to be resident in Jersey.

Guidance notes on the registration of ships

Guidance notes on the registration of ships – French

Guidance notes on the registration of ships – Italian

Entitlement for Registration – May 2022

How to register

In order to register, you are required to complete and submit the following documentation to the British Register of Ships in Jersey:

  • application form
  • declaration of eligibility form
  • title (ownership) documentation in the form of a Builder’s Certificate and / or Bill(s) of Sale covering at least the previous five years (or fewer years if a new build)
  • proof of closure from any prior registry
  • a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation if it is to be company owned
  • a tonnage survey (obtainable from an authorised surveyor)
  • commercial coding certificate if it is to be commercially registered (available from an authorised commercial coding surveyor)
  • the prescribed fee

How long registration is valid for

The Certificate of Registry is valid for ten years if ownership doesn’t change during this period (other REG registries are valid for five years only).

Upon change of ownership the period commences again for another ten years.

The registration number allocated is unique to the vessel and cannot be transferred to another craft.

Applying for provisional registration

You should complete an application form with as much detail as possible, and return it to the Ships’ Registry with the prescribed fee. This is useful if you have not yet provided all the required documentation.

The provisional certificate will be valid for three months and gives the vessel full rights of passage.

The provisional certificate may be renewed upon request and payment of the prescribed fee.

Registration can be completed within two weeks and sometimes earlier if all of the documentation and tonnage survey is in order.

Choosing your vessel’s name

You may apply for name approval on the application form. Your name has to be one which is unique to the port of Jersey and the Registrar has the right to approve or refuse.

An application for name approval will remain valid for 12 months, at which time you may apply to extend the approval.

Notes on applying for the name of a ship (JR07)

 Reserve your ship’s name

Appointing a representative person

If the applicant does not have a Jersey address, a representative person must be appointed before the registration is completed by the applicant with whom the Registrar can correspond under certain situations. The Registrar will continue to correspond with the owner directly under normal circumstances. The appointment of the representative person is a direct arrangement between the applicant and the representative person, and reimbursement to the representative person is agreed and arranged between the two parties without involving the Registry.

Failure to comply with this requirement could result in the vessel being removed from the register.

Representative Persons 2021 – 2022 (JR17)

Renewing your registration

To renew your registration, please complete the application to renew form and return it to the Ships’ Registry with the prescribed fee and the Certificate of Registry for endorsement.

A renewal reminder will be sent to the owner by the registrar prior to expiry.

Registering a mortgage

To register a mortgage over shares in the vessel, please complete an MCGA mortgage deed in association with the mortgagee and return it to the Ships’ Registry with the prescribed fee.

Mortgage forms on the MCGA website

Registering and / or renewing mortgage intent

To register mortgage intent, please complete the MCGA intent deed and return it to the Ships’ Registry with the prescribed fee. The intent is valid for one month from registration, and may be renewed for one month at a time thereafter by paying the prescribed fee.

Discharging a mortgage

The original mortgage deed (generally held in safe-keep​ing by the mortgagee) must be endorsed and returned to the Ships’ Registry with the prescribed fee for discharge.​