Disposal of unserviceable or abandoned vessels and obstructions

Expressions of Interest

The Harbour Master, on behalf of Ports of Jersey as the Harbour Authority, has authorised the disposal of certain ‘unserviceable or abandoned vessels or obstructions*’, following completion of a process authorised under Regulation 2 of the Harbours (Jersey) Regulations 1962.

*A vessel or obstruction is taken to be unserviceable or abandoned if it appears to the Harbour Master to be abandoned due to its state of neglect, lack of maintenance or lack of attention by its owner; or where it is occupying a space in return for the payment of a fee, charge or other consideration, if the fee, charge or other consideration has not been paid.

Terms and conditions

  • We are not obliged to accept the highest, or any, bid
  • Bids are accepted on the basis that the purchaser will, upon transfer of ownership, remove the vessel/property concerned from our property without delay; unless otherwise agreed to the contrary
  • Bids are accepted on an as is/where is basis
  • Purchase of an abandoned vessel/obstruction does not guarantee that we will make a mooring available neither does it override the operation of any waiting list that may be in place for moorings in a marina, harbour or other location
  • We will not be organising or granting prior viewings of any vessels
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the vessel must be restored to a seaworthy condition prior to any subsequent assignment of a mooring by Ports of Jersey
  • Vessels will remain live on this site for a period of 14 days
  • Proceeds from any sales will be used to offset costs owed to or incurred by Ports of Jersey, such as outstanding mooring fees. Any surplus money will be returned to the owner, if they can be traced or paid into the Government of Jersey’s Consolidated Fund, as specified by law.