Berths and moorings in outlying harbours

Jersey’s outlying harbours are home to a large number of local craft. The majority of boat owners are members of their local boat owner associations and work closely with Jersey Marinas to help manage and maintain the moorings in the harbours.

Many of the outlying ports are tidal and dry out. If you’re planning on keeping your boat in a tidal harbour, you must ensure it can rest on the ground during low tides.

The ports of St Catherine’s and Bouley Bay provide deep water anchorages throughout the year.

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Bonne Nuit Bay

Bonne Nuit Bay is a tidal harbour that lies on Jersey’s north coast. It houses around 45 small craft and fishing vessels.

Although it is a tidal harbour, anchoring is possible if your vessel is unable to take the ground. You can anchor vessels just outside the harbour in the deeper water areas to the west of the pier.

Bouley Bay

Bouley Bay is a tidal harbour that has deep water moorings within it. It is situated on Jersey’s north coast and is home to around 50 local craft. It is well sheltered from most wind directions.

Access into the pier is marked with approach buoys. Caution should be used when approaching or moving around the harbour, as the bay is home to a local dive school with divers regularly entering and leaving the water. You should also be cautious during dropping or low tides, as rocks are present at the pier head seaward end.


Gorey harbour is a tidal harbour situated on Jersey’s east coast. It provides moorings and shelter to over 240 local vessels. This number is mainly made up of private pleasure craft, although a number of smaller commercial fishing vessels also reside there.

Visitor holding buoys are available at the south western edge of the harbour.


Rozel harbour is a tidal harbour which lies on Jersey’s north coast. It looks straight out toward the reef at Les Ecrehous (some eight miles offshore).

The harbour is sheltered from most wind directions and is home to around 50 small pleasure craft whose owners form the Rozel Bay Boat Owners Association.

St Aubin

St Aubin’s harbour is a tidal harbour that lies on Jersey’s south coast. It provides shelter to over 200 local craft within the main harbour and a further 100 single point swing moorings to the south east just outside the harbour.

St Catherine

St Catherine’s harbour is a deep water harbour, situated on Jersey’s east coast. The breakwater provides shelter from south-westerly to north winds.

The bottom of the harbour is mud / sand and there is a landing slip at the base of the breakwater.

Applying for moorings in outlying harbours

If you’re thinking about buying a boat or mooring your craft in one of the marinas or outer harbours, you will need to complete a waiting list application form and return it to Jersey Marinas along with the appropriate fee.