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Satisfaction Survey Results 2017

90% of local boat owners who responded are satisfied with the range of marina facilities available to them, according to the results from the latest online survey commissioned by Jersey Marinas.

The survey, which was first launched in 2014 and is now carried out every year is aimed specifically at owners with locally registered boats to comment on a wide range of marina related matters. These include the standard of services available to them, overall cleanliness of the marinas, facilities provided and level of customer service. A total of 335 surveys were completed and submitted, the highest number received since the initiative began.

Group Leisure Manager for Ports of Jersey, Mike Tait, who has specific responsibility for Jersey Marinas is pleased with the overall number of responses submitted. He says, "Without a doubt this online survey has proved to be an effective way of communicating with our customers and gauging their opinion as to the facilities and services provided by Jersey Marinas".

In terms of satisfaction levels, some of the positive responses received include:

Public area/walkways – 94%
Cleanliness of facilities – 86%
Staff helpfulness – 86%
Recycling opportunities – 71%

Mr Tait continued, "While the overall results are positive, the purpose of the survey is not merely an opportunity to pat ourselves on the back for the positive remarks but equally to read and reflect on all suggestions and views, some of which are not always complimentary. There are still some issues we need to address and take the appropriate action to remedy, including parking availability, animals accessing the pontoons as well as ease of wi-fi connectivity"

 Download Jersey Marinas Boat Owners Survey Results 2017 (size 1.9mb)

Satisfaction Survey Results 2016

The 2016 online customer satisfaction survey found that 80% of Jersey registered boat owners were satisfied with the range of facilities and level of service they received from Jersey Marinas, with an overall 11% response rate the total number of surveys received was lower than previous, which at the time received a 22% response. However, the dissatisfaction level recorded at just 7% is significantly lower than previously.

Below is the collated feedback in a 'You Said, We Did' report, which addresses some of the issues faced by Jersey Marinas while at the same time highlighting some of the new initiatives being implemented as a result of that feedback.

 Download the 'You Said, We Did' report (size 1.3mb)

A further report was created, which details the analytical information collected from the survey results. This includes boat owner demographics, boat usage and satisfaction levels.

 Download 2016 Jersey Boat Owner Survey Results (size 1.7mb)


You can get fuel from four locations around Jersey, one at Gorey, two within St Helier Harbour and one in Elizabeth Marina.

Gorey Harbour

Service provided by Gorey Marine Fuel Supplies Ltd

Summer opening hours: 14 April to 14 September, fully attended service seven days a week, three hours each side of high tide between the hours of 8am to 6pm. The site will be closed in adverse weather conditions.

Winter fuel by prior arrangement: 15 September to 13 April. Three hours each side of high tide between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm.

Please contact the fuel supplier directly on +44 (0) 7797 742 384 should you wish to refuel during the winter period. Advance notice will eliminate your need to wait on arrival.

Winter hours extra service. With good weather Gorey will be attended at weekends 14 March to 13 April. This also applies at the end of the season, 15 September to 14 October.

St Helier Marina - La Collette Marina

Service provided by Gorey Marine Fuel Supplies Ltd.

Summer opening hours 14 April to 14 September between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week.

Winter opening hours 1 November to February 28 three hours each side of high tide between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm.

Please contact the fuel supplier directly on +44 (0) 7700 347 313 should you wish to refuel during the winter period.

St Helier Marina - South Pier

Service provided by Marine Fuel 24/7.

Self service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please contact the fuel supplier directly on +44 (0) 1534 525 247 if you have any enquiries.

Elizabeth Marina

Service provided by Complete Boat Care.

Please be aware that Elizabeth Marina is normally accessible about 3 hours each side of high water. You should check the adjacent depth gauge to see if the berth is accessible for your vessel.

If you have any questions, please contact the fuel supplier directly on +44 (0) 7797 723 090.

Reporting incidents

You can report incidents using the general event reporting form which is available from the Marine Leisure Centre or Maritime House.

Alternatively, you can report an incident direct to the coastguard.

For any incidents taking place in the marinas, you should follow our emergency procedures.

Emergency procedures in marinas

Boat Watch Scheme 

The Boat Watch Scheme is similar to a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and allows boat owners and port users to report incidents or unusual activities to the Port authorities via the dedicated telephone number.

Tel: +44 (0) 1534 447722

Find out more information about how to protect your vessel and belongings through the States of Jersey Police website.

States of Jersey Police website

Courses and training

Highlands College offers a range of courses aimed at people who are thinking of buying a boat or those who already have boats and wish to increase their knowledge. More information on the courses available can be found by calling Highlands College on +44 (0) 1534 608608.

Yacht and sailing clubs

The local yacht clubs and boating associations have strong memberships and provide a valued service to the local boating community.

The St Helier Yacht Club is situated on the South Pier of St Helier Harbour where you can watch the comings and goings of both commercial and pleasure vessels as they navigate the port. For more information visit the St Helier Yacht Club website.

St Helier Yacht Club website


The Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club is situated at the Bulwarks, St Aubin, on the western side of St Aubin’s Bay. The club sits amongst the picturesque and historic port of St Aubin with stunning views of the 15th century fortress St Aubin’s Fort across to the Port of St Helier and the impressive Elizabethan fortification of Elizabeth Castle. For more information visit the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club website.

Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club website


St Catherine's Sailing Club is Jersey's largest dinghy sailing club and the most southerly sailing club in the British Islands. For more information visit the St Catherine's Sailing Club website.

St Catherine's Sailing Club website

Boat owners' associations

In addition to the local yacht clubs, local boat owners have a long tradition of running memberships amongst their own individual boating communities, set up and named after the particular port or harbour their vessel is moored in.