Watersports insurance and registration

​You could be fined up to £500 if you don’t register your watersport equipment, and​ up to £2,000 if you don’t insure it.

Type of craft

​Insurance Required?

​Register with Jersey Marinas?

​Eligible for C-SIS registration?


(non surf riding)​​

No No ​Yes

(surf riding)

​Yes​ ​No ​Yes
Canoes ​No ​No ​Yes

(Over 1.54m in length and 0.6m wide fitted with a fin)

​Yes No ​Yes

(non surf riding)​

No No ​Yes

(surf riding)

​Yes ​No ​Yes
​Wakeboards ​No ​No ​Yes
Kite surfboards​ Yes No ​Yes
Windsurf​s ​Yes ​No ​Yes

(up to 3m)

​No ​No ​Yes
Jet ski ​Yes Yes ​No
Flyboards Yes Yes ​No

Tenders must be clearly marked with a T/T (name) or JY/J (number) registered to the owner or parent vessel.

The above must be insured if they are going to be used for commercial hire.