Coastguard Safety Identification scheme

The Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme (CSIS) is a free initiative that allows you to register crafts up to five metres with us that are not included in our local vessel registry. They include:

  • canoes
  • kayaks
  • kite surfs
  • paddle boards
  • rowing boats
  • surfboards
  • tenders
  • wind surfs

It can be difficult for us to locate or get information on the owners of craft or equipment, which are lost and come ashore or are found adrift in our territorial waters if they are not showing some sort of registration or identification. This can result in unnecessary search and rescue operations. Registering items with our Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme will allow us to confirm that there is no risk to safety of life at sea and has the added advantage of reuniting owners with their equipment or vessel.

When you have registered, we will send you a sticker with a unique number to put on your equipment, which will quickly allow us to identify and contact the owner or emergency contact number should a registered item be found.

We can’t register anything that should be registered under the Harbours (Inshore Safety) (Jersey) Regulations 2012. Any vessel that meets the criteria below must, by law, be registered with the Marine Leisure Centre:

  • a ship designed for or capable of a speed in excess of 12 knots
  • a ship with a length of five metres or more

Register your craft on the Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme

Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme Online Form

Please ensure you have the permission from your dedicated emergency contact for us to store their details as per our privacy policy.

Amend your craft details on the Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme

Completing this form will allow us to change owners details, such as change of address, contact details or change of ownership.

Coastguard Safety Identification Scheme – amend your craft details