Highlands students study harbour infrastructure

From Port of Jersey
24th May 2023

20 engineering students from Highlands College have spent an afternoon learning how their training could apply in a real-world situation.

They toured the Elizabeth Harbour’s east and west ferry ramps, and the Elizabeth Marina gates, to learn about their infrastructure and to understand the unique engineering requirements of a port.

The visit was facilitated by Graham Colley, a mechanical charge hand who leads a team that maintains equipment throughout the harbour and airport. He said: “It’s really important for the Island to get its young people involved in engineering, and to inspire them to take up engineering as a career.

“We took the students to the Elizabeth Marina gates to explain the work that’s underway to upgrade the gates’ hydraulics. Then we entered the workings of one of the ferry ramps, where we discussed how the ramps enable vehicles and passengers to board the ferries at different levels of tide. I hope this visit will encourage them to take up apprenticeships when they have finished their course.”

The 20 students, who are studying a variety of engineering disciplines, including welding, plumbing and electrical engineering, also learned about the operational side of the harbour.

Port of Jersey