Repairs to north coast harbours

From Port of Jersey
1st March 2024

Ports of Jersey’s historic harbours team have been working alongside local boat owners’ associations to repair the damage caused to Jersey’s north coast harbours by Monday’s strong winds and to make the piers safe. Areas of damaged railings at both Bonne Nuit and Bouley Bay have been temporarily cordoned off while repairs ore undertaken, and Islanders are asked to avoid these areas until the railings are repaired.

Head of Maritime Operations, Louise Stafford, said: “The northerly winds from Sunday night into Monday morning reached the top end of the forties (in knots). Jersey’s prevailing weather is primarily from the south-west, but changing weather patterns mean we are seeing winds from other directions more often, exposing usually sheltered harbours to severe weather.”

Bonne Nuit and Bouley Bay faced the brunt of the wind and waves, with Bonne Nuit the hardest hit. Many vessels, stored ashore for the winter, were blown off their support stands and across the pier, and some storage huts were washed away or destroyed. Several vessels at Bouley Bay and Bonne Nuit were washed or blown into the pier’s safety railings, which ultimately saved them from toppling into the sea and suffering further damage.

The historic harbours team would like to thank the members of the Bonne Nuit and Bouley Bay boat owners’ associations for their help in organising a rapid clear-up and making safe their vessels.

Port of Jersey