Preparing for Storm Ciaran

From Port of Jersey
31st October 2023

Ports of Jersey officials have been meeting to discuss preparations for the storm forecast to reach the Channel Islands tomorrow.

Due to the severe weather warning, in collaboration with its airline partners, airport authorities have decided to close the airport to commercial operations all day on Thursday. The airport will remain open for emergency and medical flights, and will reopen on Friday after a visual inspection of the airport infrastructure.

Passenger and freight ferry services are severely disrupted and Jersey Coastguard is advising Islanders to keep away from coastal areas, as there is a risk people could be swept out to sea from piers and seawalls.

Boat owners are being reminded to secure their vessels appropriately, and harbour businesses are advised to check their properties and secure their equipment. Elizabeth Terminal will be closed to the public on Thursday, and the storm gate in Elizabeth Marina will close today.

Port of Jersey