Jersey Lifeboat Association redeclared as a search and rescue asset

From Port of Jersey
30th May 2023

Ports of Jersey, as Jersey’s Harbour Authority, is pleased to reinstate the Jersey Lifeboat Association’s (JLA) status as a declared search and rescue facility.

The redeclaration process follows an audit undertaken by Jersey Coastguard, observed by senior members of His Majesty’s Coastguard (HMCG), in which the JLA have met the requirements of Jersey Coastguard’s Declared Facility Framework.

Captain William Sadler, Harbour Master and Chief Coastguard, said, ‘I would like to thank the JLA crew for their engagement and openness during the redeclaration process. Their dedication for safety at sea was clearly evident. Jersey Coastguard looks forward to engaging with the JLA crew and JLA Council through regular operational meetings and as part of wider engagement with the entire SAR community.’

JLA Redeclaration Letter

JLA Declared Facility Agreement DRAFT

Port of Jersey