Jersey Coastguard goes green

From Jersey Coastguard
1st September 2023

Jersey Coastguard is pleased to unveil its first fully electric emergency response vehicle.

The Kia Niro EV has been designed and adapted to contain all the equipment and technology needed to allow Jersey Coastguard to reach emergency search and rescue situations quickly, while generating zero emissions in the process.

Following an extensive research programme, the Kia Niro EV was found to meet all the criteria for Jersey Coastguard based on their day-to-day operational needs. Several emergency services in the UK, including HM Coastguard, have also chosen Kia EVs as an addition to their fleets, due to their long range and reliability.

Dan Downey, Jersey Coastguard and VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) Manager, said, ‘We’re delighted that the new “CG1”, the high specification Kia Niro EV, is ready to be used, having passed all the relevant tests and checks. As well as playing a vital role in helping us respond to emergency situations at sea, being fully electric means it will cost less to run and maintain and will help us cut our carbon footprint as we look at ways to make Jersey Coastguard greener.’

Jersey Coastguard’s previous vehicle, a Toyota Hilux, will remain with Ports of Jersey as a response vehicle for the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service.

The introduction of Jersey Coastguard’s first electric emergency response vehicle is a step forward in Ports of Jersey’s sustainability strategy, which aims to transition to net zero by 2030. The Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service already has a BMW i3 and is hoping to expand with more electric vehicles in its fleet.

Jersey Coastguard