Gorey Pier landing stage to close

From Port of Jersey
20th October 2023

The landing stage attached to the end of Gorey Pier will be fully closed to the public from Monday 23 October. Islanders will still be able to walk to, or fish, at the end of the pier.

The northern end of the landing stage has been closed since the end of last year after an initial structural report from the Royal Engineers, but the southern end remained accessible throughout the summer to allow tenants, boat-owners and local businesses to complete the season’s trading.

Extensive structural inspections, surveys, and scientific core sample testing have since been undertaken, with Hartigan’s leading the programme of work. Stakeholders have been kept updated and consulted throughout 2023 and advised of the pending closure at the end of the season.

Significant structural deterioration is also evident in the former terminal building at the end of the pier, and some areas of this building will also be closed at the same time. This will not affect any tenants who have access to the safe parts of the building.

The closure will have minimal effect on operations and businesses on the pier, and will not prevent Islanders from walking to, or fishing, at the end of the pier.

Head of Maritime Operations and Deputy Harbour Master, Louise Stafford, said: “One of our responsibilities is the maintenance and care of Jersey’s historic harbours. These structures were added to Gorey Pier from 1979 onwards. They are not original, they have outgrown their useful life and no longer meet either legislative or commercial requirements.

“We are intending to provide suitable, future-proofed replacements, while also ensuring that the historical importance of the harbour to the island and local community is prioritised and enhanced.

“We would like to create an area that offers opportunities for new businesses or community groups, as well as providing for commercial vessel traffic operations in case this becomes an option for the harbour once again, in the future.”


Commercial ferry traffic to and from Gorey ended in 2019 and the main terminal building was used to house a visitor information centre until 2015.

The terminal building, landing stage and port control tower were constructed between 1979 and 1981, and the tower ceased operations in the mid-1990s.

In October 2022 the landing stage at the end of Gorey Pier was temporarily closed following an inspection by the Royal Engineers, who were in Jersey surveying civil engineering structures as part of their training programme.

Port of Jersey