Floating holiday accommodation 

From Jersey Marinas
30th May 2024

Ports of Jersey has completed the procurement process for the installation of two floating holiday pods in St Helier Marina. Following a comprehensive selection procedure, Waterpod Ltd, a British company specialising in eco-friendly floating accommodation, was chosen to build and install the pods.

Harbour Master, Captain Bill Sadler, said: “Our team conducted a rigorous procurement process and selected Waterpod for their commitment to sustainability, their price competitiveness and innovative approach to design and construction.

“We are confident that these floating pods will enhance the marina’s appeal and provide eco-friendly holiday accommodation that puts sustainability and responsible tourism at the heart of St Helier. This unique accommodation will be available to both visitors and Islanders, enabling everyone to enjoy Jersey’s marine heritage in a way that appeals to them.”

Jersey’s Minister for Sustainable Economic Development, Deputy Kirsten Morel, said: “This exciting project underlines Jersey’s commitment to sustainable and innovative tourism, allowing visitors to enjoy short stays on the water. Many tourists are looking for unique experiences as part of their holiday, and this floating accommodation will add to all the rich and varied experiences already on offer in Jersey.”

The Director of Waterpod Ltd, Tom Luke, said: “We are thrilled to be selected by Ports of Jersey and involved with this innovative project and I am personally excited that more people will have the opportunity to experience the joy of living afloat, even if just for a short stay.

“The floating pods will be built using 100% sustainable materials and will incorporate state-of-the-art eco technology to minimise their carbon footprint while maximising guest comfort all year around, even in cold winters and hot summers. We will build the pods in Berkshire, UK and therefore they will only travel a short distance by road and sea to reach their destination in Jersey later this year.”

The floating pods, customised from the one-bedroom Waterpod 35 model, will be thermally insulated to ensure maximum energy efficiency and comfort. They will also feature air-source heat pumps and photovoltaic solar panels to generate their own electricity.

At just over 10 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, the floating pods will sleep up to four people with a bedroom, bathroom, a front-deck overlooking the marina, and a living room with sofa bed and kitchen. The pods are scheduled to be built and installed by October 2024.


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