Flags fly for sustainable development

From Port of Jersey
22nd September 2023

Ports of Jersey will be joining hundreds of organisations across the UK and Channel Islands next week, by raising a flag to demonstrate support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs, also known as the Global Goals, highlight a global ambition to end poverty and hunger, to combat inequality within and among countries, to build peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, to protect human rights and promote gender equality of women and girls, and to ensure the lasting protection of the planet and its natural resources.

The 17 Goals are supported by targets and indicators, so progress can be tracked.

Raising the SDG flag next week (on Monday 25 September) aims to raise awareness of the goals, as only 1 in 10 people in Britain are currently familiar with them.

Ports of Jersey’s Head of Sustainability, Sophie Roffe, said: “We are proud to display the United Nations’ SDG flag at the airport and the harbour, to raise awareness of the goals and to show our commitment to creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for our Island.

“In our Ports’ Planet and People plan, we have set ambitious targets that run through everything we do, including all the activities on our estate, how we run our business, and how we interact with the organisations we work with.

“SDG 17 is about working in partnership, and it is important that we embrace this by working with government, our industry partners, our stakeholders, our community and our employees to truly make a positive impact for our community, our Island and our planet.”

Ports of Jersey’s sustainability targets align with the UN Global Goals and are split across four areas where we can have the greatest impact:

  • Transitioning to net-zero in our operations, and supporting our customers and business partners to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preserving Jersey’s water and promoting thriving land and marine biodiversity
  • Reducing consumption and championing circular design
  • Nurturing our employees and supporting our local community and economy

For more information about Ports’ sustainability targets and initiatives, please see the Sustainability Report in Ports of Jersey’s 2022 Annual Report.

Port of Jersey