Electric utility vehicles for harbour and airport

From Port of Jersey
21st November 2023

Ports of Jersey has bought four new electric utility vehicles to replace existing petrol vans.

The new vehicles were manufactured by the French company Ligier, which is based in Nantes. They are fully electric, more than 90% recyclable, and can transport tools, traffic cones and other equipment for the harbour and airport operational teams.

These vehicles form part of phase one of Ports of Jersey’s sustainable vehicle strategy. They will be deployed to Marine Leisure, Elizabeth Terminal, and Airport Departures, with the remaining vehicle being trialled across Ports of Jersey sites for teams to assess the need for further such vehicles.

The new vehicles follow the introduction of Jersey Coastguard’s first fully electric emergency vehicle, which joined the fleet in September.

Ports of Jersey’s Head of Sustainability, Sophie Roffe, said: “We are excited to welcome four new electric vehicles, bringing our total number across the airport and harbour to six. Sustainability is a key focus for Ports, and we are always looking to explore different technologies that can help us become a net zero airport operation by 2030.

“The addition of these vehicles forms part of our sustainable vehicle strategy, and will support our progress towards the targets set out in our Ports Planet and People Plan. We are looking at low-carbon fuels, electric vehicles, and more efficient driving practices, to reduce our emissions and limit air and noise pollution across our Island.”

The vans which are being replaced will be redeployed to areas which are short of vehicles.

The vehicles: –

  • Are fully electric
  • Have a top speed of 30mph
  • Can go for 70-miles on one charge
  • Are right hand drive
  • Contain lockable storage space
  • Are more than 90% recyclable due to the materials used
Port of Jersey