Support for Shipwrecked Mariners Society

From Port of Jersey
6th June 2024

Ports of Jersey has supported a maritime charity by refurbishing three fund-raising collection mines for the Shipwrecked Mariners Society. The mines have been completely renovated and will now be returned to their positions at West Park, St Helier Marina, and Gorey.

The mines are the property of the Shipwrecked Mariner’s Society and have been serviced by Honorary Agent, Captain Bob Asplet and his wife Norma for the past 27 years. Due to ill-health, Bob has had to stand down but since Jersey records began in 2000, £8,535 has been raised.

Former Harbour Master, Captain Brian Nibbs RD*, recently took over on a temporary basis with a personal brief to get the mines renovated, returned to their stations to resume collections, and a new Honorary Agent appointed.

Responding to a plea for assistance, the current Harbour Master, Captain Bill Sadler, offered the services of Marine Apprentice Adam Hart, under the supervision of Marine Operations Manager, Fleur Moisan.

Brian Nibbs said: “Adam has done an excellent job in between his other duties, and the mines, now in pristine condition, bearing in mind that they are of WWII vintage, are back in position ready to resume collections. As a supporter of SMS and a long-standing friend of Bob and Norma Asplet, it has been a pleasure to coordinate this project. Liaising with Captain Bill Sadler, Fleur and Adam has been so straightforward. Their collective ‘let’s get it done’ attitude has been most refreshing and with Howard now appointed, the mines and their collecting ability are in safe hands for the foreseeable future.”

Harbour Master, Captain Bill Sadler, said: “We were pleased to support this worthwhile charity, and Adam has done a great renovation job on these 80-year old mines. Now that they have been refurbished, I hope they will continue to provide a fund-raising asset for another 80 years.”

Captain Howard Le Cornu, another former harbour master, has accepted the position of Honorary Agent for Jersey and will be able to keep a constant weather eye on the mine at St Helier Marina as it is situated only some 50 yds from his office window.

Chief Executive of the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, Capt. Justin Osmond RN, said: “We are extremely grateful to all involved at Ports of Jersey for this fantastic renovation of the Society’s three collection box mines. The mines are looking resplendent and we’re sure they will continue to collect much needed funds to support the Society’s work on behalf of the seafaring community for many years to come. Thanks to Captain Brian Nibbs who arranged the refurbishment project with Ports of Jersey.”


Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society was founded in 1839 to help the survivors of shipwreck and to support the widows and orphans of those lost at sea. Today, the Society provides financial help to merchant seafarers, fishers and their dependents who are suffering hardship and distress.

Paying out in the region of £1.3 million annually in nearly 2,000 cases of need, the Society is funded via income from its investments, direct grants from The Seafarers Charity, Trinity House, and the Merchant Navy Fund, as well as through donations and legacies from our Charity supporters.

Originally more than 200 sea mines were donated to the charity by the Admiralty for use as collection boxes, in recognition of the Society’s unique support for seafarers, their families, and others shipwrecked during both World Wars. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and weather have reduced their number, but the income from those still in service makes an important contribution to supporting the Society’s work.

Port of Jersey