Ideas invited for St Catherine’s bunker site

From Port of Jersey
26th October 2023

Ports of Jersey is inviting expressions of interest from businesses with viable ideas for the St Catherine’s bunker site.

The current leaseholders of the bunker, tunnels and outside area have given notice that they are ending their long association with the site. This provides an opportunity to consider how best to open up the area to the wider public. The tunnels have a fascinating history, and providing a deeper understanding of their past would enhance the heritage offering for tourists.

Events and Project Support Manager, Kim Gilbraith, said: “St Catherine’s war tunnels hold a profound historical significance, serving as a lasting testament to the island’s wartime past and offering an educational experience for visitors.

“We would like to hear from experienced businesses with a passion for Jersey’s heritage and who are keen to contribute to the local economy by enhancing visitors’ experience of this beautiful location. This is a unique chance to contribute to the local community and to the preservation of a valuable historic building.

“We would like to hear from businesses whose ideas would widen the opportunities for people to enjoy this area, enabling them to spend time enjoying its natural beauty and unique heritage.”

For further details on the expressions of interest please email

Widerstandsnest (Resistance Nest) Mole Verclut is based at Gibraltar Rock at St Catherine and was a substantial stronghold for the Germans.  It incorporated two heavy machine gun bunkers, shelters, anti-tank defences and a tunnel.

A Resistance Nest was a small pocket of resistance, with up to 10 soldiers and light weapons. They would manage anti-tank weapons, an observation post or a field gun.

Resistance Nest Mole Verclut’s function was described as:  to prevent enemy landings on the breakwater in St Catherine’s Bay and Fliquet Bay. Enemy attack from land to immediately engage in fighting. Work in co-operation with Archirondel Tower, La Perelle I and II and Resistance Nest Fliquet.


Port of Jersey