Brittany Ferries berthing trial

From Port of Jersey
28th May 2024

Brittany Ferries is scheduled to undertake a berthing trial with one of its ferries today (Tuesday 28 May). The vessel, Bretagne, is 151m long.

Brittany Ferries conducted a berthing trial with the Barfleur on 26 March this year, which is 157m long. These compare with the Finlandia Seaways, which is 162m long, the Condor Islander (125m), the Commodore Goodwill (126m) and the Commodore Clipper (129m).

Brittany Ferries is a shareholder of Condor Ferries Ltd and is undertaking the trial as part of its own business continuity plans.

The Bretagne is due to arrive in St Helier at around 11am this morning.

Port of Jersey