Walking and exploring our coastline

Here are some tips if you are spending time on the coast or exploring the shoreline and causeways around the island.

  • Always check the tide times before you explore the coast.
  • Try to explore the coast with someone else. If you are unsure, seek the advice of someone with local knowledge of the area.
  • Always tell someone ashore of your plans and when you intend to be back
  • When exploring at low water, set a time when you intend to return to shore and stick to it
  • Always keep an eye on the progress of the tide; it can move faster than you think, especially through gullies and around sand bars
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions
  • Always have a means of calling for help with you, either a mobile phone or handheld VHF radio
  • Be able to navigate back to shore if fog or mist comes down. Take suitable equipment, such as handheld compass and a map
  • Stay away from cliff edges and use well marked paths. Some areas of the coast can be unstable
  • Don’t take any unnecessary risks when on the coast. Stop and think before putting yourself in danger

We have created some specific information for areas of Jersey’s coast, where people are regularly caught out by the tide. Check the links below to read the information corresponding to that area.

Corbiere Causeway

Elizabeth Castle Causeway

South east coast

St Aubin Fort Causeway

There is also a tide calculator, which gives details of when some of the popular causeways such as Elizabeth Castle, St Aubin Fort and Corbiere will be accessible.