A brief history of Ports of Jersey

Ports of Jersey was incorporated by the States Assembly in 2015 to provide lifeline public services and to create wider community and economic benefits, while also protecting taxpayers from future financial burden.

The Government of Jersey is our 100% shareholder, and our relationship with Government is summarised in a memorandum of understanding with the Minister for Treasury and Resources.

We were set up to operate commercially so we could fund the estimated £420 million capital investment programme which was considered necessary over the next 25 years, without funding from taxpayers. This is to be achieved while keeping Jersey’s airport and commercial harbours open, safe and secure, and while running the Coastguard service and maintaining the outlying harbours.

Airports and harbours require continual capital investment to remain safe and to meet changing technical and community requirements, so we plan for the long term. On average, we invest £10m each year in our infrastructure, entirely funded by our operating activities. To achieve this, we review our long-term capital programme, develop master plans to guide investments, look for operational efficiencies, and seek new revenue streams.

We operate a programme of continual improvement for our customers and stakeholders, and we maintain our operational resilience to safeguard connectivity. All our activities meet the optimal safety and security standards and are routinely audited by competent authorities.

We fund these activities entirely from our operations, and do not receive any government grants for these essential services.

We’re uplifting our customer journey experience, through investing in our people and enhancing the services and facilities they provide across our customer-facing operations. We also deliver an enviable route network for the benefit of residents, visitors and businesses.

We have a stable and experienced Board of Directors and Executive Management Team who, together with the expertise of our senior management team, work closely with our business partners to deliver exceptional services and provide excellent customer experiences.