Employee health and wellbeing

Our people are our greatest asset and underpin everything we do in the business. We aim to provide them with a positive working environment and offer initiatives that enable wellness and encourage them to be healthy.

By working with our people, we established four main areas of focus for our health and wellbeing programme:

  • encourage positive healthy habits
  • improve our working environment
  • promote an active lifestyle
  • wellbeing of the family

In 2019, we put in place a programme of twelve ‘Health and Wellbeing’ initiatives supporting these key areas, including stroke awareness and blood pressure checks to promote an active lifestyle, bowel cancer screening, cancer prevention, as well as continuing the annual influenza vaccination programme.

To nurture wellbeing, we offered training in child accident prevention and first aid for our people and their families, as well as conducting Triple P for parenting sessions in the workplace. This internationally-recognised programme gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behaviour and prevent problems developing. By offering it in our workplace we made it more accessible for families.

Under the umbrella of the CSR health and wellbeing programme, in 2019 we undertook some important training towards creating and endorsing a mentally healthy workplace, where our people feel supported to overcome challenges. We offered a Blue Monday event in partnership with Jersey Recovery College, Mental Health First Aid training in partnership with Mind Jersey and Listening Training with Samaritans Jersey.

Building on the success of the health and wellbeing programme, in October 2020, we partnered with Jersey Recovery College for their new Mental Health at Work programme; a service which helps businesses better support their employees’ mental health. The programme involves working with businesses to create more caring and compassionate working environments and practices.