Small ships register (SSR)

Registering with the SSR​

The Small Ships Register (SSR) is an inexpensive and simple method to show where your ship is registered when you enter ​international waters or foreign ports. The SSR is only applicable to Jersey residents.

If you wish to travel abroad with your vessel, it needs to be registered with the SSR or have full registration with the British Register of Ships in Jersey.

Registration with the SSR costs le​ss than full registration but it does not provide proof of ownership and a marine mortgage cannot be recorded. If you require this, you should apply for full registration.

Eligible vessels

  • Your vessel is eligible to be registered with the SSR if you meet all three of the following:
  • you’re resident in Jersey
  • the vessel is owned by an individual or individuals, not a company
  • the ship is under 24 metres (79 feet) in length


The Certificate of Registry is valid for five years if no details change during this period. If any details change, registration is terminated immediately.

The registration number allocated is unique to the vessel and cannot be transferred to another craft.

Cost of registration ​

​​SSR registration


​Registration or renewal ​£70
​Fast track ​​£145
​Duplicate certificate ​​£40

How to register (Jersey residents only)

​You need to fill out an application form and send it to the British Register of Ships in Jersey.

You’ll also need to register at the Marine Leisure Centre as part of local registration with Jersey Harbours.

Small Ships Register (SSR) application form

Small Ships Register (SSR) application guidance notes

Renewing your registration

To renew your registration, fill out the application form below and send it to the British Register of Ships in Jersey.

Small Ships Register (SSR) renewal application form