SeaPerch – a STEM competition for schools

Ports of Jersey is committed to supporting the community and developing opportunities for future talent.

In September 2021, we launched an exciting new STEM competition to secondary schools, inviting them to build a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), in association with international organisations SeaPerch and RoboNation. The competition introduces students to basic engineering, design and science concepts, as well as encouraging them to develop STEM skills.

It was such a success, we are hosting again in 2023, offering an exciting and fun challenge for Year 9 students in Jersey, with participation in a globally-run competition. The launch event will take place on 15 September and competition day is 8 December.

The programme guides students on building an underwater robot, while supplying educators with the tools and training to help them through the process.

The teams will be given kits with everything they need to build the ROVs, supplied by RoboNation and paid for by Ports of Jersey, and given ten weeks to complete the challenge. We will also provide mentors to guide the groups. The competition will be based in Langford swimming pool, where a range of challenges will set up Ports of Jersey mentors.

Find out what happened last time in this highlights reel.

To find out more, and possibly enter a team, email seaperch@ports,je.

Information for teachers

The SeaPerch website is bursting with information to help teachers lead teams in building their underwater ROV, including build information, lesson plans and project plans. We recommend you spend some time looking through the website before your team starts to build. Use the links below to get started.

Information for teachers

Help getting started on your build

Lesson planning and extension lessons

Project plan for the build – this includes useful information for the poster presentation