Satisfaction surveys

We conduct multiple satisfaction surveys across our businesses.

Jersey Marinas Boat Owners Survey

The annual survey, which is distributed online to every locally registered boat owner, was first launched in 2014 and since then response levels and feedback has been very positive. As a direct result of feedback and comments, a number of changes and enhancements to the services and facilities it provides have been made by Jersey Marinas.

These include:

  • clearer signage in and around the marinas, which is more friendly and welcoming, including an increase in the level of information available to French visitors
  • daily key code entry onto the pontoons allowing customer greater ease to access facilities
  • overnight access to toilet and shower facilities, especially useful for customer arriving late evening and/or departing early morning
  • increase in staff presence on and around the marina pontoons and dories to assist customers in berthing their boats.

The results of the 2019 survey have now been collated and published

POJ Boat Owners Survey 2019 – Final Report.pdf

In addition, year on year survey results between 2014 and 2019 are also available to view

Jersey Boat Owners Survey – year on year 2014-2019.pdf

Previous Jersey Boat Owner Surveys

Jersey Boat Owners Survey 2018.pdf