Timely advice ahead of Bonfire Night

From Port of Jersey
1st November 2021

With Bonfire Night fast approaching, we have launched a social media awareness campaign with advice for anyone planning a fireworks’ display over the coming days/weeks.

We would like to remind everyone that fireworks have the potential to distract and confuse aircrews or damage aircraft during flight operations, especially when launched within the vicinity of Jersey Airport or flight approach.

So that we’re aware of any such potential risks due to displays taking place near the airport and our Air Traffic Controllers can manage the situation, we’re asking anyone planning to hold an event classed as high risk, whether it’s a small-scale display in the garden, or a major commercial one for the public, to make us aware of their plans by completing and submitting an External Events Request form.

Higher risk displays are those taking place in the yellow areas marked on the map (within 3 nautical miles of Jersey Airport, along the extended runway centreline or where the fireworks are expected to reach more than 400ft (120m).

Fireworks can easily be confused with emergency flares, according to advice issued by Jersey Coastguard. The team takes any reports of flare sightings seriously and will always investigate further. Generally, flares can be identified as a red light, falling slowly. If you spot something like this, which appears to be near or over water, please call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

If you are in doubt, please give us a shout. We want everyone to continue to enjoy the firework displays and ensure those flying through the skies and travelling on the water, can do so safely.

Port of Jersey