Steam Clock – Update

From Port of Jersey
14th September 2020

Ports of Jersey is pleased to confirm that its efforts over recent weeks to repair the steam clock have been successful.  Having had plans in place to repair the clock earlier in the year, our priorities understandably changed in recent months as we focused our attention and efforts on the emergency response to the pandemic.

As a result, many of our Capital Works programmes, including a refurbishment of St Helier Marina and Albert pontoons, Future Airport project and the Harbour Masterplan, were put ‘on hold’ as we focused our attention on the resilience of our air and sea connectivity and more recently on managing the arrivals testing programme.

In the meantime, Ports of Jersey has been liaising with specialist clock repairers, Smiths of Derby, a UK based company, which has previously assessed the clock and determined that major refurbishment work would need to be undertaken, at a substantial cost to get the structure in full working order. Due to Covid restrictions the Smiths team has been unable to travel to the Island to undertake the work. However, our Group Engineering Team has been in close dialogue with the Smiths team to gain the appropriate knowledge and guidance to fix the clock’s specialised inverters. This work was successfully completed on Monday morning, 14 September 2020.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Capital Projects Director, Steve Tanner, says, “This has been a real team effort from our engineering colleagues over recent weeks in achieving what was a complicated and specialist piece of engineering, something that we wouldn’t usually undertake. I’d therefore like to express my thanks and gratitude to them along with the team at Smiths, who have worked closely with us and guided us through the process in fixing the inverters, allowing the clock to finally display the correct time.”

Although the clock timing mechanism is currently working, Ports of Jersey will monitor it over the coming weeks as further work may be required.  The work was purposely not publicised in advance of it taking place to alleviate any risks to the measures not being successful.

Port of Jersey