Statement from Ports of Jersey, acting as Jersey’s Harbour Authority

From Port of Jersey
15th December 2021

Following an incident on 10 November 2021 involving the Sir Max Aitken III, one of Jersey Lifeboat Association’s search and rescue vessels, Ports of Jersey, in their role as Harbour Authority, and the Jersey Lifeboat Association are working together to understand what happened and what lessons can be learnt.

As recommended in the provisional findings of an independent investigation into the incident, Jersey Coastguard, in their capacity as the co-ordinator of search and rescue at sea, will perform a review of Jersey Lifeboat Association’s operational policies and procedures. They will examine whether the procedures and policies remain appropriate and how they will be followed in practice in future. They will also provide any other advice, guidance and support as necessary.

While the review is undertaken, there will be a temporary freeze in Jersey Lifeboat Association’s operations. This downtime will also allow the Jersey Lifeboat Association’s Council to take a number of steps to review their legal and regulatory obligations and maintain their duty of care to the volunteer crew and those who rely on Jersey’s search and rescue community to help ensure safety at sea.

Once the Coastguard’s review is complete, they will create a roadmap and action plan. The Jersey Lifeboat Association’s normal operations can be restored once the actions are completed.

Once the investigation and review are concluded, a full report will be submitted to the Minister for Economic Development.

We recognise the important part the Jersey Lifeboat Association play in Jersey’s search and rescue capability and look forward to them returning to service in island waters.


The Harbour Authority is responsible for managing, maintaining and improving the harbours, policing, safety and security matters within harbour limits, and other matters the Minister for Economic Development may entrust to it.

Ports of Jersey serves as the Harbour Authority for Jersey, with relevant statutory powers and duties.

Port of Jersey