Removal and Structural Survey to take place on Elizabeth Marina ‘Storm Gate’

From Port of Jersey
26th February 2021

A major works project is due to start at the end of March 2021 on the removal and essential structural survey of the Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate.

The Storm Gate, which was installed in 1998 acts as a protection mechanism, allowing the Elizabeth Marina to ‘close’ during periods of inclement weather and rough sea. This reduces the effect of stormy conditions, making the marina environment more comfortable as well as prolonging the life of pontoon infrastructure by reducing vessel and pontoon movement during prolonged periods of bad weather. The gate locking mechanism failed during a routine operation in November 2018 causing it to lower unexpectedly due to the increasing water pressure load on it from the incoming tides. During this event the gate sustained some damage and as a result it was taken out of service pending these upcoming works, although in the meantime, Ports of Jersey have put mitigation measures in place.

The work is being carried out on behalf of Ports of Jersey by one of Europe’s leading marine contractors, Herbosch-Kiere, which specialise in heavy lifting water-based projects. The company was selected following a comprehensive tender process undertaken by Ports of Jersey in early 2021. The company is headquartered in the Port of Antwerp and it is here that they moor and maintain their impressive fleet of working vessels and heavy lift equipment.  The UK office of Herbosch Kiere will be undertaking the works and managing all aspects of the project.

The work is expected to take up to 3-weeks to complete and will be carried out in two stages; the first being the preparation and removal of the Storm Gate from the Elizabeth Marina and its transportation to the New North Quay for inspection and cleaning. Once it has been removed this will allow for a specialist group of divers to undertake a comprehensive condition survey of the gate’s entrance and mechanics in the Marina.

The second stage will see a structural survey on the gate itself, followed by a decision on whether it can be repaired or will need to be replaced. Whatever the outcome, the existing Storm Gate or a replacement will not be installed in Elizabeth Marina until later in the year, after the main boating season has ended.

Whilst the works programme will require the ‘closure’ of Elizabeth Marina at certain times to maintain safe operations, Ports of Jersey has engaged with local marine traders and boat owners’ associations to inform and update them on likely disruption dates and times with sufficient notice given in advance.

Although access to the pontoons and vessels in the Elizabeth Marina will continue, some areas of the promenades on the southern and western side will be closed to the public during the works programme; appropriate signage will be put in place advising of the restrictions.

With the small team of specialist contractors and divers working on the project coming from the UK, Ports of Jersey has liaised closely with Government officials to ensure that all safety measures and procedures are adhered to, with the team working in isolation and living in their own purpose-built compounds away from the public. The contractors will all be PCR tested upon arrival and throughout their stay in the Island.

Commenting on the project, Jersey Harbourmaster, Captain Bill Sadler, says, “We are very pleased that this project represents a big step in addressing the longstanding issues associated with the Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate. Equally, we’re delighted to be working alongside Herbosch-Kiere and look forward to seeing their skills put to work in Jersey. The nature of the works does mean there will be some unavoidable periods of disruption to marina operations so that works can be conducted safely. However, we have worked closely with the contractors, stakeholders and customers to minimise this as far as possible and we’re confident that the long-term benefits will far outweigh any inconvenience caused during these short periods. Our teams remain available and ready to assist with enquiries or solutions to those who believe they might be affected”.    

On behalf of Herbosch-Kiere Marine Contractors, MD Allister Humby, says, “We are delighted to have been awarded this project and to be back working in Jersey once more. This is a very important and critical infrastructure contract for the marina and we’re really looking forward to working in partnership with Ports of Jersey in helping to resolve the longstanding issues associated with the Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate”.

Further information on the project is available to view online at  Anyone with any specific question or comment relating to the project can contact Ports of Jersey by emailing


Port of Jersey