Reinstallation of Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate

From Port of Jersey
22nd October 2021

The final stage of the Elizabeth Marina Storm Gate project, its repair and subsequent reinstallation has now started.

The Storm Gate was removed from the Elizabeth Marina earlier this year and transferred to the New North Quay in St Helier Harbour where it underwent a full structural survey and inspection. The survey found that the Storm Gate could be repaired without the need of a replacement. It is now undergoing these repairs, maintenance and cleaning before being returned to the Elizabeth Marina in mid-November 2021.

Ports of Jersey has once again employed the services of Herbosch-Kier to undertake the work. The company, which is one of Europe’s leading marine contractors, specialises in heavy lifting water-based projects and carried out the gate’s original removal.

The overall project is likely to take up to four weeks to complete with contractors, including specialist divers working around the low water times. Work in this area is due to start as from Tuesday 26 October 2021 and will be carried out daily to keep within these windows and minimise the impact on expected marina movements. The project is due to be completed by the end of November 2021.

Although access to the pontoons and vessels in the Elizabeth Marina will still be possible for boat owners and marine traders, some areas of the promenades on the southern and western side will be closed to the public during the works period for safety reason. Appropriate signage has been put in place advising of the restrictions. Ports of Jersey has also informed nearby residents and Elizabeth Marina users of the works programme.

The Storm Gate was installed in 1998 as a protection mechanism, allowing the Elizabeth Marina entrance to ‘close’ during periods of inclement weather and rough seas. The gate locking mechanism failed during a routine operation in November 2018 causing it to lower unexpectedly due to the increasing water pressure load on it from the incoming tides. During this event the gate sustained some damage and as a result it was taken out of service. However, mitigation measures were put in place by Ports of Jersey in the interim period whilst the gate was unserviceable.

This aspect of the work forms part of the overall £1.5m budget for the project, which is funded entirely by Ports of Jersey.


Port of Jersey