Ports of Jersey to unveil Greve de Lecq community mosaic project

From Port of Jersey
18th July 2019

​A Ports of Jersey community art project in collaboration with local artists is due to be unveiled at Greve de Lecq on Saturday 20 July. The project has seen community groups from St Ouen and St Mary, including schools, pubs and charities, creating colourful tile mosaics depicting local landmarks and scenes that are being installed along the concrete stabilising repairs that have taken place to the Greve de Lecq Pier.

The pier was badly damaged in storms during winter 2017 and required a significant amount of concrete repair work. In contrast to these necessary repair works, it was felt that the area warranted a feature to improve the visual impact of the concrete work and allowed the local community in the area to get involved.

The mosaics,which will erode naturally over time with the tides, have been created out of environmentally friendly materials with the tiles themselves made of glass, therefore, having no negative impact on the area. Artist Lizi Hill and mosaic expert, Linda Burton have been working with community groups to create the mosaic tiles, which are all designed to showcase scenes that represent the beach and its surrounding areas. Glassworker Glyn Burton has also been providing his talent to the groups working with the glass tiles.

The unveiling of the mosaics will take place this Saturday, 20 July 2019 at 12:00 midday. The event will be attended by those involved with the project, including harbour representatives from Ports of Jersey. The invitation to the unveiling is also extended to members of the public who may wish to view the culmination of the community’s effort. Drinks and nibbles will be on hand for guests to enjoy while the tide goes out revealing the designs along the pier.

Port of Jersey