Ports of Jersey Statement

From Port of Jersey
23rd May 2022

Ports of Jersey, as the appointed Harbour Authority for Jersey, has statutory powers and duties for a range of maritime matters, including search and rescue in Jersey’s territorial waters.

Following the grounding of the Sir Max Aitken III, one of the Jersey Lifeboat Association’s search and rescue vessels, on 10 November 2021, Jersey Coastguard commissioned a report into this serious incident. After an incident of this nature, a search and rescue asset’s declared status must be reassessed by Jersey Coastguard to provide the Minister with the necessary assurance for the safety of future operations.

Jersey Coastguard is committed to working with all search and rescue partners to ensure that our search and rescue community maintains the highest standards, as part of Jersey Coastguard’s responsibility in law for search and rescue activity. The coordination of search and rescue activity requires that assets and their crews comply with international standards. To achieve this, an internationally-recognised framework for declaring search and rescue vessels is used by Jersey Coastguard to ensure the safety of those who volunteer and those in need at sea.

Jersey Coastguard’s role in managing local search and rescue provision was recently assessed by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, on behalf of the International Maritime Organisation, the findings of which were extremely positive.


Port of Jersey