Ports of Jersey publishes ambitious sustainability strategy

From Port of Jersey
17th March 2022

Ports of Jersey has today, Thursday 17.03.22 published its sustainability strategy, sharing its intentions to address the challenges ahead for the organisation, the Island and the planet.

Titled Ports Planet and People Plan, it sets out an ambitious series of goals to tackle the growing climate emergency, the threat to local biodiversity, how to manage waste generated by Ports, its passengers and partners, and commitments to Ports’ people and the community.

The sustainability journey started by asking the 300 strong team for their suggestions. A team from across the organisation then filtered what would be possible and impactful, and grouped viable ideas under four key pillars: climate, biodiversity, waste and circularity, and people.

Goals include transitioning to carbon net zero, promoting thriving biodiversity, preserving Jersey’s water, designing out waste and introducing circular principles, nurturing our employees, supporting our local community and encouraging sustainable tourism.

Specific targets include:

  • decarbonising Island travel by reducing our own generated carbon to be net zero by the year 2030
  • at the same time, supporting a reduction by 30% in Ports of Jersey related carbon emissions by our customers by 2030 and our business partners by 2035
  • regenerating marine habitats and land habitats across Ports of Jersey sites by 30% by 2030
  • reducing our water use, including customer and partner use, by 20% by 2030
  • recycling 100% of recyclable waste by 2030
  • adhering to circular principles in all development activity from this year
  • maintaining and improving connectivity to enhance Islanders’ lives
  • supporting our community, investing a minimum of 1,000 hours from this year
  • while developing the skills and talents of employees and working to ensure Ports of Jersey reflects the diversity of the Island.

Matt Thomas, Chief Executive of Ports of Jersey, said: “As Islanders, our quality of life depends on connectivity, whether to visit friends and relatives, to access specialist medical care and education, or to travel on holiday. Our economy is built on our transport links, and lifeline freight connections bring the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the materials with which we build, furnish and heat our homes. But we know that while we need our links, and couldn’t live without them, they also have an environmental impact on our Island and our planet.

“Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our times and, for anyone involved in the travel industry, a conversation is not an easy one. Every airport and harbour have a hugely important role to play, and we will play ours. We are committed to meaningful action that makes a difference, working collectively with our industry, business partners, Government and our customers to have a bigger impact. The task is not small, but I am excited about the challenge and committed to the opportunities that lie ahead.”

At the same time, as a demonstration of its commitment, Ports of Jersey has today announced that it has achieved a level 1 ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation.

ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation is the only institutionally-endorsed, global carbon management certification programme for airports. It independently assesses and recognises the efforts of airports to manage and reduce their carbon emissions through six levels of certification. ‘Mapping’ being the first. To achieve this, Ports of Jersey has determined emission sources within the operational boundary of the airport, calculated emissions and compiled a carbon footprint report. The next step is ‘reduction’, where evidence will be shared of effective carbon management procedures and quantified emissions reductions.

Ports of Jersey is also proud to launch CarbonPass, a Jersey specific app to show how much carbon dioxide journeys from the Island emit and the cost to balance the carbon. All money given through the app will go directly to supporting Durrell’s Rewild Carbon programme, which supports planting trees in threatened parts of the wildlife-rich Brazilian Atlantic rainforest. The app was created by local company Fusion Development, who were so inspired to play their part in making a difference, they generously committed their time for free.

Jenny Marek-Murray, Sustainability Lead and Director of Corporate Services for Ports of Jersey, added: “It was important to us to create a Jersey-specific app that would calculate carbon emission on our routes for both aircraft and boats, and we are incredibly grateful to Fusion for their time to develop it at no cost. We wanted to ensure that the money would go to an organisation that our local community trusted and would be inspired to give to. When Durrell launched their Rewild Carbon programme, it was a perfect fit. We encourage all passengers to download the app to their phones, and we will shortly have in-terminal stands too, so please look out for those. Collectively, we can make a huge positive impact.

“We are so proud of our employees and their passion for sustainability. With the role that we play in Jersey, we truly believe it is our responsibility to take steps now to ensure a greener future for our Island and our planet. Small steps today will add up to make all the difference tomorrow.”

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