Ports of Jersey issues its latest Quality of Service Report Q2 2019

From Port of Jersey
30th July 2019

​Ports of Jersey has published its latest Quality of Service Report for the period April to June 2019.

The quarterly report covers a wide range of ‘service’ areas, including aircraft and sea sailings punctuality, time spent at security search, waiting time for baggage reclaim at the Airport as well as marina berth waiting lists.

Of the 2,861 commercial aircraft return flight movements recorded over the three months, almost 80% of them arrived and departed within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.; moreover, within this figure, almost 50% of the flights actually arrived early. The statistics also report the average delay for arrival flights was almost 14 minutes with the average delay on departures recorded as 19 minutes.

Ensuring a passenger’s smooth transit through central security search and baggage reclaim remain key priorities for Ports of Jersey. The report shows that for 99.3% of the time during this period passengers were able to pass through security in 15 minutes or less and that for nearly 90% of arrival flights, bags were delivered to the reclaim area in under 20 minutes.

88% of sea sailings arrived or departed St Helier Harbour within 30 minutes of the scheduled time with almost 5% cancelled within this period. This figure reflects a number of cancellations by Manches Iles as well as a period of disruption in May 2019 as a result of technical issues suffered by Condor Liberation.

Finally, Ports of Jersey carefully monitors the number of complaints it receives across the business and the length of time it takes to handle. Of the 33 formal complaints received during this period, 16 of which were related to the activities of our business partners rather than those of Ports of Jersey,32 of them were resolved within 10 days.

A copy of the latest report and its findings, covering the period April– June (Q2) 2019, which has been submitted to the Channel Islands Competition Regulation Authority (CICRA) as part of its regulatory agreement, can also be viewed here.

Port of Jersey