Ports of Jersey employees lend their support for the Island community

From Port of Jersey
27th April 2020

With redevelopment work on the new integrated terminal at Jersey Airport currently suspended as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, the Project Team for Ports of Jersey (PoJ) has instead been focusing their efforts in another direction; that of supporting delivery of the temporary Nightingale Hospital at Millbrook Playing Fields on behalf
of Jersey’s Government (GoJ).

Given the team’s skills, knowledge and experience in overseeing large scale projects they volunteered to support Government in delivery of the new Hospital, working closely with the project’s main contractor, J3. In addition to ensuring the right levels of governance are in place they are also liaising with the principle suppliers and
sub-contractors working on the site as well as with key people involved in the Government Project Team. A key part of their role includes supporting with the procurement and tracking delivery of key equipment required for the Nightingale Hospital together with keeping control of the budget.

Capital Projects Director for Ports of Jersey, Steve Tanner who is acting as overall Project Manager, says, “From a construction perspective, I have been really impressed with the amazing teamwork between the contractors J3 and everyone else involved to reach the planned completion date. There has been a very energised and
enthusiastic work ethic and a great sense of achievement among us all that we have all rallied round, supported one another and ultimately have achieved what we have so far in such a short period of time”.

Although the core build is planned to be completed by early May, Ports of Jersey’s Project Team itself will continue with the ongoing management reporting and cost management once the hospital is up and running and likely to support the maintenance effort in the short term.

In addition to the efforts of its Project Team, other Ports of Jersey employees are also showing their support and are providing resources and assistance to other Government departments, including the Airport Firefighters working alongside the Ambulance Service, the Ports Security Team helping at the General Hospital, and volunteers from across the business helping to man the healthcare telephone lines.

CEO for Ports of Jersey, Matt Thomas, says, “As a business, we play an important role within the Island community and continue to do so as our ports remain open throughout this crisis period to support freight movements at the harbour and facilitate the essential flights at the Airport. Over and above this, it is amazing to see so
many of our colleagues, with their vast experience and skills, volunteering to support other vital services across the Island. We are incredibly proud of everything they are doing at this time”.

Port of Jersey