Migrating whales show impact of climate change

From Port of Jersey
20th September 2022

Ports of Jersey is sponsoring a Jersey writer whose prize-winning memoir about a mother and son following the migration of whales up the coast of the Unites States to Alaska is featured at this year’s Festival of Words.

Doreen Cunningham, who grew up in Jersey, will be interviewed by Environment Minister and former BBC TV Producer, Jonathan Renouf.

Doreen first visited Alaska as a young journalist reporting on climate change among indigenous whaling communities. Her book, Soundings, tells of a journey she made with her son, seven years later, when she was living in a Women’s Refuge. The two of them followed the grey whale migration as far as the home of the indigenous family that took her in as a young journalist.

Throughout the journey Doreen explores the stories of the whales and their young calves—their history, their habits, and their attempts to survive the changes humans have brought to the ocean.

The CEO of Ports of Jersey, Matt Thomas, said: “Doreen’s book, Soundings, is about migrating whales and all we can learn from them as they are threatened by global warming. We felt this was relevant to our push to make the harbours and airport as sustainable as possible through our Ports Planet and People Plan.

“We are committed to doing all we can to help tackle the climate emergency, to mitigate the threat to local biodiversity and to manage the waste we generate responsibly. We hope Doreen’s book will raise awareness of one of the many impacts of climate change, and we remain committed to supporting the Jersey Festival of Words.”

Port of Jersey