Jersey Coastguard launches Safety @ Sea campaign online

From Jersey Coastguard
2nd June 2020

Jersey Coastguard is launching its annual Safety @ Sea campaign this week aimed at local primary school children; and for the first time it will be available to view online.

Officers from Jersey Coastguard usually attend the schools in person to give safety presentation to pupils and throughout the year interact with up to 4,500 people. Due to the current circumstances, this is not possible so instead the team has created an online video version of the presentation in the hope that teachers and parents will download it and encourage youngsters to view.

As the name suggests, the campaign focuses on safety measures to take when going out on the water and advice and handy tips on how to prepare. Although it is aimed primarily at youngsters, the video, which uses cartoon graphics and lasts approximately 20 minutes is a useful tool for anyone considering taking to the water over the coming months.

Chris Robinson, from Jersey Coastguard, who worked with colleagues in putting the online video together explains, “Despite not being able to give these presentations in person as we usually do, the safety messages remain relevant, especially during this period of fine weather we’re currently enjoying. Therefore, we came up with an alternative solution of creating this video online and as always, welcome any feedback or questions from them having watched it.”

Jersey Coastguard is sending all primary schools a link to the site this week and asking them to distribute it to pupils. The video is now available to view online

Jersey Coastguard