Ports of Jersey launches Harbour Master Plan with public consultation on Elizabeth Harbour plans

From Port of Jersey
27th September 2022

Ports of Jersey is embarking on a once-in-a-generation programme to transform the harbours in St Helier.

Much of the harbour infrastructure is ageing and no longer meets the needs of today’s passengers or vessels. The Harbour Master Plan aims to modernise the facilities which have developed piecemeal over many centuries.

The regeneration will safeguard the long-term viability of the harbour, serving both passengers and freight, improve customer experience, and realise the area’s potential as a leisure, cultural and tourism destination.

The Plan will cover Elizabeth Harbour, New North Quay, Albert Pier, Victoria Pier, and the Old Harbours to create a vibrant harbour community, which is better connected to town with more inclusive and accessible spaces for use by Islanders and visitors.

Elizabeth Harbour

The Harbour Master Plan will start with the most immediate requirement – the redevelopment of Elizabeth Harbour. The commercial port currently deals with 550,000 tonnes per year and is nearing capacity.

Elizabeth Harbour’s Roll on Roll Off (RoRo) operation is the Island’s lifeline for vital supplies such as food, medicines, parcels and clothing, and has now exceeded capacity. The Harbour Master Plan proposals will see the existing Lift On Lift Off (LoLo) operation moved from New North Quay to Elizabeth Harbour to co-locate with the RoRo operations. The new combined area will safeguard the Island’s supply chain by creating capacity to handle future freight requirements.

The plan also proposes to replace the Elizabeth Terminal building, which opened in 1989

and no longer meets the demands of the modern traveller. A new terminal will improve the passenger experience and enhance visitors’ lasting impressions of the Island.

 New North Quay

It is proposed that the existing LoLo crane operation will move from New North Quay to Elizabeth Harbour to co-locate with the RoRo trailer operation. This will combine all freight handling facilities and free up space at New North Quay for further development that will benefit Islanders.

Options for this project will be developed once work on Elizabeth Harbour has begun.

Old Harbours and La Folie

We will look at options for how we can regenerate the Old, English and French harbours.

La Folie Inn will be retained and renovated, in partnership with key stakeholders due to the building’s listed status.

La Collette and Victoria Pier

La Collette is the home of our fishing fleet, fish merchants and members of the Blue Economy, as well as housing marine leisure customers and marine traders. Victoria Pier was used by the London and Southern Railway Mail Boat but is now used for self-discharging cargo and cement vessels.

As part of the Harbour Master Plan, we will look at how we can support them to develop and encourage growth in the industry.

Albert Pier

We have recently invested in improvements to Albert Pier, including the construction of 24-hour access berthing pontoons and removal of the old terminal. The Harbour Master Plan will explore how the area can become the heart of a thriving St Helier Harbour.


Harbourmaster Bill Sadler said: “We all depend on reliable connectivity, whether for our lifeline freight connections or to maintain links with friends and relatives, and our economy is built on transport links. With ageing infrastructure and freight activity exceeding capacity, it is now more important than ever to bring St Helier Harbour into the modern day.

“This Master Plan will secure the viability of our lifeline port by making it more efficient, increasing its capacity to handle freight, and freeing up space to create vibrant community spaces for Islanders and visitors to enjoy.”

Ports of Jersey’s CEO, Matt Thomas, said: “The Harbour Master Plan is an opportunity to improve the resilience of our port infrastructure and to regenerate the heart of St Helier. It will enable us to continue to provide essential public services and undertake significant investment without requiring funding from taxpayers.

“The Master Plan will take many years to be fully realised, so we have time to ensure that the detailed plans that we formulate in the years to come reflect the expectations of Islanders and preserve the distinctive character of the Harbour.”


The Harbour Master Plan aims to connect all the Harbour areas, making them a destination for all, and a fundamental starting point is to understand what St Helier Harbour means to Islanders.

As more detailed plans are developed, we are keen to capture the thoughts of harbour-users on the potential uses of the area. The public consultation, which will run for four weeks, includes two surveys enabling Islanders to comment on the proposals for Elizabeth Harbour and also share their views on what the Harbour means to them and their future aspirations for the area. Feedback can be given online at https://harbourmasterplan.je or at three public events:

Monday, 3 October 12pm-6pm The Cox Suite, Pomme d’Or Hotel
Saturday, 8 October 10am-4pm St Brelade’s Parish Hall
Wednesday, 12 October 10am-4pm The Old Magistrate’s Court, Town Hall, St Helier

Jersey’s harbours have been a lifeline for hundreds of years and have had to adapt and grow in response to the changing needs of transport and Islanders. This Master Plan is the next step in the evolution of Jersey’s maritime heritage.

Port of Jersey