Harbour Master Plan consultation attracts hundreds of responses

From Port of Jersey
11th October 2022

More than 300 Islanders have responded to a public consultation on proposals to transform St Helier Harbour. Islanders now have two weeks to give their views on the proposals.

The Harbour Master Plan is proposing to increase the harbour’s capacity for managing freight, and to modernise facilities which have developed piecemeal over many centuries.

The consultation aims to understand what the Harbour means to Islanders, and what they think of proposals to combine the crane and roll on-roll off freight operations into one area at Elizabeth Harbour, and to replace the terminal with a new building.

Ports of Jersey launched the consultation on 27 September with two surveys, which will inform the ongoing Harbour Master Plan proposals, and the planning application for Elizabeth Harbour.

Feedback from Islanders includes questions about parking and traffic in the harbour area, the impact of any changes on boat-owners, and some have asked for more detail on the new terminal building and other projects planned for future years. Detailed proposals will be developed later in the Master Plan.

The Harbour Master, Captain Bill Sadler, said: “It’s encouraging to see that so many people care about the Harbour and want to tell us their views. We want to see the harbour area used by as many people as possible, and that’s what we will be concentrating on once we’ve increased the capacity to handle all the freight that comes through our lifeline port.

“I hope this regeneration will not only ensure the Port’s long-term viability, but also improve the experience of the thousands of people who flow through the port every year, create new commercial opportunities, and maximise the area’s potential as a leisure, cultural and tourism destination.”


For those who are not able to complete the surveys online, information booklets and paper surveys can be collected from parish halls, the customer relations desk at Jersey Airport, or the reception desk at Maritime House.

Paper surveys should be completed by Sunday 23 October and posted back to: Harbour Master Plan, Maritime House, Route du Port Elizabeth, St Helier, JE1 1HB. Alternatively, they can be delivered to Maritime House or the Customer Relations desk at the airport.

The final consultation drop-in event is on Wednesday 12 October at The Old Magistrate’s Court (Town Hall) from 10am-4pm.

The Harbour Master Plan consultation continues until Sunday 23 October.

Harbour Master Plan

The Harbour Master Plan proposes to start with the most urgent requirement – the redevelopment of Elizabeth Harbour.

The plans will see the crane operation move from New North Quay to Elizabeth Harbour, alongside the RoRo facilities. These are the Island’s lifeline for vital supplies such as food, medicines, mail and clothing, and are exceeding capacity.

This new combined area will safeguard the Island’s supply chain by supporting anticipated freight requirements to 2042 and beyond. It will also improve efficiency and free up space at New North Quay for later in the Master Plan.

The Elizabeth Terminal building will also be replaced, to improve the layout of the ferry access, separate freight from passengers and enhance travellers’ experience of travelling to and from the Island.

Port of Jersey