French Naval Attaché visits Jersey

From Port of Jersey
25th November 2022

The Naval Attaché at the French Embassy in London, Captain Julien Lalanne de Saint-Quentin, is in Jersey this week to welcome the Gendarmerie Maritime boat, Trieux, into port.

Capt. de Saint-Quentin is a naval officer with 26 years’ experience and a specialist in Franco-British relations. During his visit to the Island, he was briefed on Jersey’s maritime capabilities by Harbour Master, Captain Bill Sadler.

Capt. de Saint-Quentin viewed the maritime operations centre, where maritime rescues are coordinated, and met the coastguards who manage Jersey’s shipping movements at the harbour.

Captain Sadler said: “It was a privilege to show Captain de Saint-Quentin our maritime capabilities, and to cement the close working relationship we have with our French neighbours. When coordinating search and rescue operations there are no borders, and we collaborate with French coastguards and rescue teams on a regular basis. Face-to-face meetings support the communications which are so important when coordinating a rescue at sea.”

Captain de Saint-Quentin said: “I have been a regular visitor to Jersey since coming here on family holidays, and I am pleased to be visiting as part of my naval role. It is important for the Gendarmerie Maritime to maintain close connections with law enforcement authorities in Jersey, and I was interested to learn about the successful regional operation in the field of search and rescue.

“The crew of the Trieux will be meeting relevant agencies while they are here, so they can maintain effective joint working when tackling crimes that span borders.”

The Trieux will be moored in St Helier from 24-27 November.

Capt. de Saint-Quentin spent 14 years at sea, commanded four warships and held various central staff positions, mostly in the strategy and policy environment. He also spent six years as an exchange officer with the Royal Navy, first on a destroyer as an operations officer and then as the first exchange strategy and policy adviser to the First Sea Lord in Whitehall, following the Lancaster House treaties.

He then served as speechwriter to Admiral Prazuck, the French Chief of Naval Staff.

Port of Jersey