Appeal to keep slipways clear for emergency vehicles

From Jersey Coastguard
18th August 2022

Jersey’s emergency services are asking Islanders not to block access for emergency vehicles when parking on beach slipways. Coastguards say that there have been several occasions this summer when emergency personnel have been delayed when trying to reach a casualty on the beach.

The law states that motorists can park on most slipways, but only on one side of the slip, and for a limited time.

Coastguards, fire fighters and paramedics are concerned that people are parking on both sides, which has delayed the launching of States of Jersey Fire and Rescue Service (SoJFRS) inshore lifeboats, and prevented emergency vehicles from taking paramedics onto the beach to treat casualties.

Coastguard and Vessel Traffic Service Manager, Dan Downey, says: “This behaviour is putting people at risk. If we need to rescue people found unconscious in the sea, every second counts. If the emergency services cannot get to the casualty in good time, this life-threatening situation can become fatal.

“We would appeal to all drivers to park on one side, as shown on the signage for each slipway. It really could be a life-or-death situation that you are creating by blocking the slipway.”

There have been at least four occasions this summer when people have been found unconscious in the sea, and there have been delays in reaching casualties at the Welcome slip, the Dicq slip and La Haule slip. Any blocked slipway can make it difficult for SoJFRS inshore lifeboats to launch and for large rescue vehicles to manoeuvre.

Motorists are asked:

  • To park on one side of the slip (signs will tell you which side to park)
  • Not to park on both sides, even for a minute. You never know when an emergency will happen
  • To park responsibly, leaving enough space for large emergency vehicles to manoeuvre around the slipway
Jersey Coastguard