Albert Pier mural is unveiled

From Port of Jersey
31st May 2023

The new Albert Pier mural, commissioned by Ports of Jersey, will be unveiled at 1pm on Friday 2 June.

The idea for a temporary mural emerged when the pier was being regenerated and new pontoons were installed. As the use of the pier had changed over the decades, it was felt that this should be reflected through a celebration of its history. The mural has been designed and painted by Ben Robertson and the project has been managed by Arthouse Jersey, who have experience producing community murals.

Before commissioning the work, Ports of Jersey met organisations concerned with Jersey’s heritage, who were all positive about the project and the attention it draws to the bunker and the history of the pier.

Ports of Jersey’s Events Manager, Kim Gilbraith, said: “Albert Pier has evolved significantly since it was first built. It began life as a primarily commercial pier, with operations ranging from the first potato exports to the first passenger terminal. More recently it has been a focus for leisure activities and Ports of Jersey has been regenerating the pier to create open spaces for the public to use. We want to celebrate its history, and we hope this mural will achieve that, while also adding colour and vibrancy to the area.”

The Head of Programme for ArtHouse Jersey, James Tyson, said: “It’s been wonderful to work with Ports of Jersey, who commissioned Ben Robertson to create Sea Change as a reflection of the fascinating and extraordinary history of the Albert Pier and how it continues to be a much-loved public space. We hope the mural will become a true landmark for both residents and visitors alike, particularly during this upcoming period of redevelopment with the Harbour Master Plan.”

As well as the formal unveiling of the artwork at 1pm, Islanders are invited to enjoy a small Genuine Jersey market on Albert Pier, which will be open from 10am, featuring the following stalls:

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