Abandoned sea vessels now available for purchase

From Port of Jersey
17th March 2021

Vessels that have been abandoned or left in a state of disrepair in and around the Island’s harbours and marinas can now be offered for sale as part of a new initiative introduced by Ports of Jersey.

Whilst every reasonable effort is made on behalf of harbour authorities to contact owners in the event of a vessel being identified as abandoned, there are occasions when no-one comes forward. Ports of Jersey invokes the legal powers of the Harbour Master to take possession of the vessel and arrange for its removal and disposal, incurring any subsequent costs involved for doing so.

The new process will allow interested parties to submit a ‘bid’ to purchase the vessel or alternatively offer a price for its disposal. Any proceeds from its sale will be used to offset costs owed to or incurred by Ports of Jersey, such as outstanding mooring fees. Any surplus money will be returned to the owner, if they can be traced or paid into the Government of Jersey’s Consolidated Fund, as specified by law.

On behalf of Ports of Jersey, Harbourmaster Capt. Bill Sadler, explains, “Disposal is a last resort and our preference is always to contact owners and support them to resolve any issues that may have led them to the abandonment of the vessel. This new initiative will allow others to take ownership of the vessels, which generally will need some TLC to make them sea-worthy, or to dispose of the vessels, such as for spare parts.

“By removing abandoned vessels from moorings within our harbours, we will also be able to reallocate these spaces to new customers on our waiting lists, helping more people to get afloat.”

Details of the vessel currently available can be viewed online Vessels for sale will also be promoted via Ports of Jersey social media channels. Bidding remains open for 14 days from the date of publication

On average, ten vessels are abandoned on Ports of Jersey property each year.

Port of Jersey