Latest Quality of Service Report issued

From Port of Jersey,
01 November 2019

Ports of Jersey has published its latest Quality of Service Report for the period July to September 2019.

The quarterly report covers a wide range of ‘service’ areas, including aircraft and sea sailings punctuality, time spent at security search, waiting time for baggage reclaim at the Airport as well as marina berth waiting lists. 

Of the 3,718 commercial aircraft movements over the three months, 75% of them arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, 73% departed within 15 minutes of the scheduled time and 33% of flights arrived earlier than expected. The statistics report that the average delay on both arriving and departing flights was 16 minutes and that 1.3% of flights, both inbound and outbound, were cancelled.

Ports of Jersey recognises that reducing the expected queuing time through central security remains an important factor for its passengers. It has made several improvements to the layout of security, brought the service provision in-house and introduced the technical ability to track and monitor the process, ensuring appropriate resources and facilities are available. Timely communication and engagement with departing passengers, reminding them to allow enough time to clear security, especially during busy periods as well as advising on preparing for security search has also helped in reducing queuing times. Over this 3-month summer period 98.8% of passengers cleared security within 15 minutes. Similarly, in terms of baggage reclaim, 90% of baggage from aircraft to carousel were delivered in under 20 minutes.

In terms of maritime movement, 85% of sea sailings arrived or departed St Helier Harbour within 30 minutes of the scheduled time with 2.1% cancelled during this period due to operational reasons.

Finally, Ports of Jersey carefully monitors the number of complaints it receives across the business and the length of time it takes to handle. Of the 51 formal complaints received during this period, all were resolved within 10 days of receipt. Of the total complaints received, 33 (65%) of them were related to the activities of one of our business partners rather than being the responsibility of Ports of Jersey.  

A copy of the latest report and its findings, covering the period July – September (Q3) 2019, which, as part of a regulatory agreement, has been submitted to the Channel Islands Competition Regulation Authority (CICRA).  It can also be viewed online


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