Travelling with pets and animals

The British Isles, including Jersey, is a rabies-free area. There are restrictions in place for the landing of pets within the Bailiwick of Jersey.

Comprehensive information about travelling with animals both to and from Jersey is available from the Government of Jersey website, including:

Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

Importing small animals

Importing and exporting livestock

Travelling to Jersey with your pet from the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands

There is no requirement for your pet to be microchipped, have a rabies vaccination or require a pet passport if travelling directly to Jersey from the Channel Islands, UK or the Isle of Man. However, it may be a good idea to get advice on the best way to transport your pet and ensure its welfare during the journey.

Your pet’s welfare while travelling – advice from the Government of Jersey

Pets can travel with any ferry operator who agrees to carry them, but for pets arriving on private boats, there are procedures which should be followed which are detailed within the customs, duty free and animals page of our website.

Visiting yachtsmen: Customs, duty free and animals

Pets travelling from other locations

The Channel Islands are part of the UK pet travel scheme. If you wish to bring your pet to Jersey, it will need a pet passport, obtainable from your vet. Information to prepare your pet for travelling to Jersey is available from the UK Government’s website, including rules on travelling with more than five pets.

Information for pet travel on

The Government of Jersey website also provides helpful information on the checks you should carry out before your pet travels to Jersey.

Checks to make before travelling with your pet

Pets brought to Jersey by private boat are not permitted to come ashore.


If you have any further questions regarding bringing your pet to Jersey, you can contact the States Veterinary Officer by telephone on +44 (0) 1534 441600 or by email.

Email the States Veterinary Officer